Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm nervous! I also drew a picture.

So Toronto's biggest anime convention, Anime North, happens May 27 - 29th. I've managed to register for an artist's table every year since 2008. The reason why I say "managed" is because there are only 100 tables available but way more than that who apply. Anime North staff just released details about the table registration process this year and even though it's not open, I'm so nervous already. The tables are pretty much filled within one minute of opening registration. I've managed to collect a lot of donations for Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue each year through Anime North, so it'd be really disappointing if I didn't get a table.

But for now there's nothing I can really do except prepare the application so I can send it in the second table registration opens!

I also thought I should draw more now that I have more time, since I've usually been complaining about not having the time. I'm still sort of dealing with artist's block so I came up with a way to generate a general idea of a person. I assigned numbers 1-6 for different physical traits, personality, and outfit and rolled 6-sided dice to generate a character (I have a dice rolling application for my computer). This is what today's results were:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay, I've been featured on The Artistic Geek!

There's nothing better than wrapping up a hectic crunch week (5 midterm exams in 4 days) by finding out that your fellow team mate has featured you on their blog! The two of us are on Team Gamers on Etsy.

You can read Etsy user Sabrieth's post at her blog, TheArtistGeek! She's planning to feature other geeky, cute, and nifty crafts from other Etsy artists, so you should check back often!

Sabrieth herself has some really cool (and shiiiiny) items up for sale. Her focus is on recycled jewelry and accessories. My favourite of her items is by far her snakeskin rings. They're made with real snakeskin sheddings generously donated by her long-time snake pal Shalar (who was not harmed in any way). Don't worry, it's sealed under glass and gives off a really cool effect. Check them out and the rest of her shop!