Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, May!

Hi everyone! Times are busy, as usual! I had a lot on my plate, and there's only more to come. Unfortunately, few are shop-related things. Fun things of note:
  • It was my birthday last weekend! My friends paid for my dinners on Saturday and Sunday and I got to see them again now that they're out of school, which is always nice =)
  • During the first week of May, I took a 2-day first aid and CPR course, so now I'm certified for 3 years. I've always been a little worried about what I'd do if I was involved in an emergency situation, but I feel a lot more prepared for it now.  
  • I was a volunteer assistant coach for my high school's ultimate frisbee team and we just finished off the season this week. I think I might have learned more than the students did! I've never coached anything before so I was really nervous, but the team was so enthusiastic and respectful and made it a lot easier.
  • I made another Etsy treasury about black cats. Adorable~
Nowadays, I'm preparing to write the MCAT in August. The MCAT is an admissions test for medical schools. I'm not planning to go to medical school, but veterinary school. Not all vet schools look at your MCAT score, but my top choice does. I'm taking an intensive learning course with a company whose name will not be mentioned - but if my course materials come any later, names will be dropped...

Thanks to MCAT courses, I don't have much time to study. But if I do have time, I'm watching Sket Dance or Kuragehime. I've been keeping up with both the mangas, and just want to see how the anime adaptation is.

Sket Dance is more of a gag manga. Newly introduced characters have recurring appearances and the gags persist throughout the story, making it hard to jump in without missing "inside jokes". So whether you read the manga or watch the anime, start from the very beginning!

I've been really impressed with the Kuragehime anime so far. The art style and characters are pretty true to the manga. This is probably the first anime-adaptation of a manga I've seen that actually brings the characters to life. This is more josei than shoujo, so it's targeted towards the slightly older female demographic. There's an unusual love story tucked away, but it's not the main focus. Check it out!

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