Wednesday, January 1, 2020


The Slice of Orange blog will be inactive for an indefinite period of time. Don't worry, the shop is still up and running as usual!

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Welcome to the Slice of Orange blog! You found me! This is where I post updates about my Etsy shop, and any other ramblings.

I mainly sell buttons and magnets, so save some space on your bags and fridges! All items are designed by me unless otherwise mentioned. Keep checking back for info about new listings!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back in action!

Make way, this orange is on a roll. I just wrote the MCAT last weekend, so I can relax until I get my results. I pretty much spent the last 2 1/2 months preparing for it so there's been a lot of Etsy catchup for me to do!

I'll just leave some shop news for you to skim:
  • I retook and tweaked some of the pictures. I guess my photo standards are higher now =) Swing by and have a look!
  • Brawler Lucas from Mother/Earthbound is now available as a button!
  • 2 new sets available for sale!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy June!

Well, June's halfway through, but there's not much I can do about that! Just wanted to say a few things:

  • I just listed some cute little Canada flag pins. Personally, I'm bad at traveling, but everyone else I know seems to enjoy it so this is more for them than me.
  • Lastly, Sabrieth, who's been a great supporter of my shop, now needs a little help with emergency vet bills for her cat. She's got a lot of interesting stuff for sale on Etsy that would really appeal to your inner geek, especially the ladies. Check it out and help her out by treating yourself to something from her shop! It's a win-win situation!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Win Free Magnets!!

Just a quick update during my study break! The Mom's Basement blog is holding a giveaway for my History of Gameboys magnet set. It is super easy to enter! All you do is head to the Giveawayz section, leave a comment with your favourite shop item of mine, and you'll be entered in a random draw. The deadline's June 8th, so get your comments in quick!!

The design's nice and simple so it'd make for a great gift for any gamer you know, really! They make for a subtle addition on your fridge if you're still a closet gamer and don't want your friends finding out how many hours you've secretly logged on your Pokemon save file ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, May!

Hi everyone! Times are busy, as usual! I had a lot on my plate, and there's only more to come. Unfortunately, few are shop-related things. Fun things of note:
  • It was my birthday last weekend! My friends paid for my dinners on Saturday and Sunday and I got to see them again now that they're out of school, which is always nice =)
  • During the first week of May, I took a 2-day first aid and CPR course, so now I'm certified for 3 years. I've always been a little worried about what I'd do if I was involved in an emergency situation, but I feel a lot more prepared for it now.  
  • I was a volunteer assistant coach for my high school's ultimate frisbee team and we just finished off the season this week. I think I might have learned more than the students did! I've never coached anything before so I was really nervous, but the team was so enthusiastic and respectful and made it a lot easier.
  • I made another Etsy treasury about black cats. Adorable~
Nowadays, I'm preparing to write the MCAT in August. The MCAT is an admissions test for medical schools. I'm not planning to go to medical school, but veterinary school. Not all vet schools look at your MCAT score, but my top choice does. I'm taking an intensive learning course with a company whose name will not be mentioned - but if my course materials come any later, names will be dropped...

Thanks to MCAT courses, I don't have much time to study. But if I do have time, I'm watching Sket Dance or Kuragehime. I've been keeping up with both the mangas, and just want to see how the anime adaptation is.

Sket Dance is more of a gag manga. Newly introduced characters have recurring appearances and the gags persist throughout the story, making it hard to jump in without missing "inside jokes". So whether you read the manga or watch the anime, start from the very beginning!

I've been really impressed with the Kuragehime anime so far. The art style and characters are pretty true to the manga. This is probably the first anime-adaptation of a manga I've seen that actually brings the characters to life. This is more josei than shoujo, so it's targeted towards the slightly older female demographic. There's an unusual love story tucked away, but it's not the main focus. Check it out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Help Terry the 3-Legged Cat!

The local cat rescue I volunteer for, Forgotten Ones, recently took in Terry who was surrendered by a family. As if his circumstances were bad enough, he also had to undergo extensive treatment at the vet's. The family surrendered Terry to a vet, who noticed something odd about his leg and had an x-ray done (see below). When asked, the family claimed Terry had been struck by a car 3 months ago and never saw a vet afterwards. Thanks to that, Terry's leg was amputated because it didn't heal properly. As if that wasn't enough, the vet also realized Terry had an auto-immune disease where his immune system attacks his own red blood cells and had to undergo blood transfusions at the emergency clinic just yesterday.

The family surrendered Terry to a vet who immediately noticed something wrong with Terry's hind leg. This is his x-ray, showing 4 fractures in his thigh that have healed into a crooked mess. His leg had to be amputated.

Long story short, the rescue now has a pretty hefty vet bill (that isn't poor Terry's fault) and needs some help. Find out how you can donate below.

To find out how to help out this handsome little guy, head to Forgotten One's Facebook page.

Proceeds from the Cat Rescue Donations section of my shop already go to Forgotten Ones. But if you'd like to donate directly to them, follow the link under Terry's picture above. I adopted my own cat from them and now volunteer with them, so I can state with 100% confidence that your donation will be in good hands. They're a non-profit, no-kill rescue group. And when I say non-profit, I mean all members are volunteers.

I hope you guys can help out a really good cause =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy April!

I noticed that I didn't keep to my new "blog every weekend" rule. Oops! Well, now I have half an hour before I leave for my ultimate game and felt way too guilty not to post anything.

First off, spring has arrived! The weather's starting to warm up which exams. I bet some of you thought I was going to talk about ultimate frisbee. I'm excited for ultimate, but finals comes first, after all.

Man, it's rough being a student. This week is my last week of classes and then I start finals with a bang - 3 exams in the first week. My last 2 exams are spaced a week apart though! Interestingly, when I get really stressed during exams, I feel really creative... If you see any new items listed in my shop this month, then I've been a bad girl.

Speaking of my shop, I've extended Red Cross donations through to the end of April as well. However, my Gameboy magnets and DDR magnets are no longer a charity listing. There's still so many other items you can donate for though! Head over to my Japan aid section and take a look! (I'll put up pics later - I have to pack my cleats and stuff!)